Its been a crazy weather year for sure.  Dodging deluges and finding fishable water has been hard to do the past couple weeks.  Luckily the past storms didn’t knock me off the water to long.  Virginia has so many good smallmouth bass rivers I was able to get on the water most days.

Fishing topwater flies still has produced the best fish on my trips.  A few days when the water was a little stained we had to go to streamers to get more bites.  Annual cicadas are out in force and plenty of bugs falling in the water.  This is my favorite time of year, topwater flies all day long.  You still have this month and next to get on topwater bite.  I’m completely booked this month but I do have a few days in September still available.  You can check my schedule on my website on the Calendar tab.

On a different note I finally kicked plastic.  If you don’t know what I mean you should take a look at this link  After doing the math I couldn’t believe how much plastic bottles I would use on guided trips in a year, roughly 1500 bottles.  So on all future trips I will be using stainless insulated bottles for water and stainless gallon jugs.  I have to say its been nice not buying 24 packs of water every few days.  Its a bit more work cleaning bottles daily and filling with ice but worth the trouble.  Way less trips to the recycle bins and dump is a great thing.