When I answered my phone back in July from an old friend, I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to fish for peacock bass in Brazil.  Ever since I was a little boy and saw peacock bass for the first time on a TV show, I have had the itch to fish for this exotic fish.  I figured I would end up in Florida at some point fishing for the butterfly peacocks in the canals.  I never would have thought I would end up in the Amazon for the real deal.

There were a lot of questions and even safety concerns about this trip.  The staff at Nomadic Waters put my mind at ease and knowing Micheal Williams (Nomadic Waters owner)  for 20 + years, I knew I would be in good hands.  The Amazon made me feel very small, knowing I was surrounded by one of the wildest places on earth.  This trip is truly adventure fishing. I really wanted an off-the-grid experience and I got more than I bargained for.  By the end of the trip, the guides and staff felt like family.  They really care about making sure each angler has the experience of a lifetime.

After landing in Manaus, Brazil we were greeted by Matthew Walker (Nomadic Waters Director of Operations in Brazil) and were taken by bus to port.  We loaded our gear onto the floating lodge to begin our journey upriver into the Jungle.  We fished different water each day and most of the waters we fished were lakes off the main river.  At first glance, it looks like lakes in our country, but a closer look you realize your a long way from home.  I brought tons of flies and after the first day, I found the fly they wanted the most – chartreuse and white Deceiver style, 6 inches in length.  I stuck to the pattern and it payed off with numbers, but most in importantly, size.

The group landed many double digit fish and my biggest of the trip was 15 pounds.  A couple of the guys had fished with Nomadic Waters last year and returned for this trip to boat their largest fish at 13 pounds.  Peacock bass are a cross between largemouth bass and striped bass.  They hold tight to cover like largemouth, pull like stripers, but maybe harder.  One big advantage is that they jump, which is incredible to see a double digit-sized fish clear the water.  They hit like a freight train and try to return to cover quickly, making them hard to land. A few fish won the battle though with rods and lines broken.  They’re definitely the hardest fighting  fish I have ever fished.

Excitedly, I will be returning to Brazil with Nomadic Waters next year for another adventure.  This hosted trip is set for October 6-13, 2018.  I will have openings for up to 10 anglers to join me for the experience of a lifetime. If you are interested, call (434-238-2720) or email me at matt@mattmilesflyfishing.com to find out more.  In the meantime, check out Nomadic Waters website for info on this incredible experience.  https://www.nomadicwaters.com