Haven’t been out to chase musky for 22 days.  Must say it was a nice break at least my tennis elbow cleared up from throwing water logged chickens all winter.  One of the benefits of being a fishing guide is you can go when you feel like its good.  So I called a friend and headed to the river for a 3 hour tour.  Water was still on the high  side and still cold but had a good feeling.  Third cast I had a follower so I started the figure 8 as soon as I could and the fish stayed with it for at least 10 figure 8 turns.  Finally I did just a circle motion and he t-boned the fly.  After the high fives was done and the photo shoot was over we got back after it with two more musky landed later further down river.  It was a hell of a day to say the least.m1 m2 m3