James and Chuck but a hurtin on the smallmouth bass today.  There were tons of bass on the banks and feeding aggressively.  If you got your offering near the bank the bass would happily come over to eat it.  Chuck normally fishes the New river but  was amazed how well the James river fished and the size of the bass he caught.  I think Chuck will be coming back to visit the James river again.  James was on the hunt for a citation and did hook a very large bass early in our day but the big boy shook loose unfortunately.  James did land a 18 and 19 inch bass and Chuck landed a few 18 inch bass.  There are a good number of big fish cruising the banks still and can’t wait to get out after them again.  Until then I need to get some lotion for my bass thumb from all the fish I handled and unhooked todayDSC_2004 DSC_2011 DSC_2014.