Its been a few weeks since I have been on the river chasing musky.  Weather has finally straighten out, except for being cold which you expect in January.  I hit the river Thursday with a buddy of mine.  We knew the flows were still on the high side but I needed a break from the  honey do’s and house work.  When we arrived to the musky holes we quickly realized the water was flat out moving.  Luckily there was a nice current break against the bank which made a large eddy.  After about 4 hours of fishing this 50 yard spot I moved the first musky.  Not long after the first one followed in I had a giant come in and follow my fly during the figure eight.  Tried a couple fly changes and the big girl followed in one more time but I guess I wasn’t enticing enough.  Not long after I had the follows, Charlie came tight near the bottom of the river with a 33 inch musky.  No matter the conditions sometimes you can get it done if you try hard enough.  The river flows are getting closer to normal each day that passes without rain.  This coming week is looking good and I plan to be out with friends and clients.chuck