Well it started raining last Monday and didn’t quit till Wednesday evening.  The problem was we got like 5 or 6 inches of rain.  Well you can imagine what that did to our rivers, the flood word would be accurate.  Itching to get on the water after cancelling my guided trips for the week my good friend said he was heading over to Briery Creek Lake.  So I joined him for a day of largemouth fishing on the fly rod.  Briery Creek is a beautiful lake and supports some large bass.  We managed to find a few on there spawning beds.  After messing with a few and changing my fly for the 11th time I got the male to eat it and after a short run through the lily pads he came unbuttoned.  I switched over to a frog pattern and started beating the lily pads.  Every time we would hit some shade a bass would blow up on it. I only managed to land two on topwater and lost three.  Public lakes can be hard on the fly, the gear guys definitely have a advantage.photo (62) photo 2 photo 4