Its been a interesting Spring to say the least.  Two large rain fronts a week apart last month kept me sidelined from the striped bass run on the Staunton River.  The rain didn’t only affect the Staunton, it had creeks, rivers, branches, tribs, you name it busting at the seams all over the state of Virginia.  Sometimes I feel like a farmer because I complain about the weather all the time.  If you don’t know what I mean you have never met a farmer.  Of course fishing guides are just as bad.  When I was able to be on the river after striped bass we had good days till last Friday when the river flow had dropped to Summer level.  I often wonder what goes through the mind of the “dam man”.  Do I let to much water out incase it rains again or do I conserve it incase it doesn’t?  Tough decision I guess for the one in charge of a reservoir.

It definitely has been harder to get out fishing this Spring.  Some days I have had other options like trout or even lakes for largemouth bass.  The good news is we have plenty of water for now and that helps down the road in case we get really dry.  I’m wrapping up my Spring striper fishing at Brookneal on the Staunton this coming week.  Its a short season and hate to get blown out of a lot of days but it is what it is.  Look forward to their return in 2019.  There are still stripers to catch at Weldon, NC on the Roanoke River.  Now till the third week of this month has always been my favorite time to fish down there for the saltwater striped bass run.

My May is completely full and hope to finish the rest of the month out on the water not on the couch.  Summer smallmouth bass fishing is fast approaching.  Looking forward to the long Summer days tossing poppers to the bank!