We have had great conditions on the Jackson river lately for streamer fishing.  Since the rains have calmed down the Jackson river flows are down to a great level for nymph and dry fly fishing now.  Soon the caddis will start hatching and get the fish looking up for Spring.  The native brook trout streams have been on fire.  Dry fly fishing is rocking with march brown mayfly hatches, small stones, and caddis flies.  With all the Winter rains the trout streams in Virginia are in great shape!

I will start running striped bass trips very soon on the Staunton river.  This is a annual spawn run out of Buggs Island lake.  I currently only have two dates left for this striper run, May 1st and 2nd (good dates). Hickory and American shad have arrived on the Roanoke River at Weldon, NC.  Shad fishing will be great for the next few weeks.  Then the mass of striped bass will be rolling into the spawning grounds. I will be in Weldon, NC guiding the saltwater striped bass run from May 6th-18th.  I currently only have two morning trips open during that time, May 15th and 17th (5 hour trip).  Contact me soon if you want to get after striped bass with the fly rod.

Got out recently for pre spawn smallmouth bass.  Great chance at catching a big fish now but not very easy.  With the inconsistent air temps cooling and warming the water the fish aren’t exactly sure where to be yet.  We found fish in the deeper water but if temps stabilize and water temps continue to warm fish will be moving shallower.  We are only two months away from my favorite fishing, Summer smallmouth bass.  I have started booking dates for the Summer fishing.  July-September are the best months for topwater fishing!  I will start guiding smallmouth bass after my return mid May from striped bass in NC.  Late May is typically streamer fishing but sometimes you can have good success with baitfish style poppers.