Spring was looking great, rivers were at great levels and caddis hatches were going strong.  Things changed a week ago with a strong storm front coming from the west.  Some places in Virginia received a couple inches of rain.  Definitely not what I want to see after 2018’s wash out.  Yesterday another strong front came through again dropping a inch or more of rain.  The storms have blown out everything but the next weeks weather is looking better so hopefully rivers will become fishable soon.

Before the storms the Jackson River was fishing really well.  Caddis hatches starting around 10 am were getting the wild trout up and smashing dancing caddis and emergers.  Spent some time on the upper Jackson above Lake Moomaw as well on private water.  Tomahawk Farms provided some great fishing for my first timers last weekend.  All three of my anglers caught great fish but the highlight was a giant brown trout landed.

Normally this is the time of year I am guiding striped bass trips on the Staunton River.  I was able to get out for a quick trip before the rain.  Fishing was good, 20 stripers landed on the fly in a few hours.  Unfortunately the Staunton has not been fishable since the rain and hopefully will be soon.  I was able to change location this week down to Weldon, NC on the Roanoke River.  Never seen this many striped bass up this early in the season, I usually don’t start guiding there until May.  Morning and evening bites were awesome and my anglers caught their fair share on the fly rod.  If flows stay good down there I will likely head back down this coming week so I can get on the water with clients.

Hoping this year does not end up like last year with weekly rain.  Keep your fingers crossed it dries up! Happy Easter!