Wowza its been hot.  Thankfully we have temps the rest of the week in the 80″s not the 90’s.  The heat didn’t effect the fishing to bad.  By this past weekend the water temps on the James River had reached 87 degrees which put the fish down deep.  Today its 70 degrees and raining so the water temp will drop significantly today and put the fish back in good mood.  Top water fishing or bug fishing as I like to call it is in full swing.  My anglers have been able to fish poppers or sliders most every day, unless I hit a day with high barometric pressure and fish get real lazy on me.  If you do hit a day the fish don’t want to move or chase their food you have to slow your presentation.  Sometimes I have to go to a dead drift and sink flies to the bottom, basically bounce it off their nose.  Nobody likes those days but they do happen.  Yesterdays trip started off great with smallmouth bass eating our blue poppers for the first four hours.  By mid day they fish move off the banks down deep and the bigger bass would not eat anything.  Thankfully the 10 inchers stayed optimistic and ate our offerings.  Barometric pressure was good so the only thing I could figure the approaching front turned them off.

River levels are in great shape and a big difference from the wash out we had last year.  I will be targeting smallmouth bass exclusively till the end of September.  October can still provide some great smallie action on streamers for the fly fisherman.  So if you didn’t get your feel of bass fishing this Summer, Fall fishing can great and wonderful weather.

Still two months of good top water fishing ahead and the best to come.  There has been plenty of annual cicadas in the trees along the river banks.  Come mid to late August the bass will start to see more of them hit the water from death or just their poor flying ability.  I have a couple dates left for August, 28 and 29.  September has not filled yet so if you would like to get on the water after top water smallies give me a call.  Enjoy Summer, we only get one a year!