I have returned home after a awesome two weeks of guiding two charters a day in Weldon, NC.  The first week of May the river was very high at 20,000 cfs.  Even with the high conditions the bite was great the whole week.  Lost more flies than I can caught having my anglers throwing up along the banks behind trees providing current breaks.  Regardless of the conditions you just have to adapt and find the fish.  The fish were thick like they usually are, so no problem catching them just needed the right equipment to get the job done.

The second week the water dropped significantly, down to 7850 cfs.  This freaked the fish out a bit at first and made some of the stripers that had spawned move down to a security spot.  Once adjusted to the flow the fish would make their way back up to feed and spawn in the evenings.  With the low water the topwater bite was on in the low light of morning or evening.  One evening for a hour and a half I counted 10 cast we didn’t hook up on with poppers.

Roanoke River is a incredible place in the Spring.  I hate to see them leave back to the saltwater but my hands couldn’t take to many more.  My hands look like chopped meat from handling fish.  I have already set my dates for 2021.  May 2-15 2021, morning and evening trips for 5 hours.  I will start taking reservations in December.  Here are a few of the beautiful fish caught over the past two weeks. Thank you again to everyone that braved the pandemic to go fishing with me!

Since I am home, smallmouth bass is next on the list.  My June is already pretty stacked with trips.  July, August, and September I still have plenty of dates open.  Now on to updating my online calendar!