It has been some tough fishing this Fall for musky.  I believe we are having the wettest Fall in history, I know I have never seen so much rain this time of year.  Rivers are generally low and clear in the Fall but all this rain has helped the trout streams for sure, there is plenty of water in all of our rivers and streams .  It has been unseasonably warm which makes its nice to be outside but really have been waiting for a cool down with at least with night time temps.  Well finally we got a cold snap to help cool things down today.  These cold temps will help the muskies urge to feed.  Its been more like Spring with the rain and consistent temps in the 60’s and sometimes higher. Hopefully we will start to see some consistent weather instead of rain and fronts every week like it has been.  November has always been good to me and for my clients for muskies eating the fly but I believe I’m writing this November off the books.  Maybe we won’t see such a cold January and February in 2016 and be able to get out more than the past winters.   Hope to get back on the water this week since the river flows are lowering from the last storm that past through dropping over a inch.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their families and remember to figure 8 every cast!FullSizeRender