One of the my favorite things about fly fishing in Virginia is the  diversity of our watersheds. If  all I did was fish for smallmouth bass  or  musky I wouldn’t be fishing right now. We keep getting pounded by rain.  The plan was to leave at the butt crack of dawn to go fish the Shenandoah river today which hadn’t been getting as much rain.  I checked the flow before leaving the house and it didn’t look good, the rain had made it over there.  I threw the truck in park and traded my bass and musky rods for trout rods.  If you want to float and catch wild trout in Virginia you go to the Jackson River.  I’m very thankful for this river it has been the only thing fishable as of lately.  Had a typical summer day fishing trout ,we nymphed the riffles and fast runs and found plenty of feisty rainbows and browns to tug on our 1 (20) photo 2 (20)