Fall can be a beautiful time of year but Virginia’s leaves are done with color now and are starting their decent to the ground.  If you are still looking to see some Fall color you still can even though the leaves are done.  Fall time is brown trouts time to shine and show there beautiful fall colors.  One of the best tactics for fall brown trout is streamer fishing.  Now our waters can be low this time of year and we do need some rain but catching big browns in low water can be done you just have to be persistent.  A friend and I headed out to one of our favorite Virginia rivers yesterday to try our luck with Fall’s prettiest fish. We did pretty well I think for low water and only fishing 4 hours.  We put 10 brown trout in the net all on streamers with the largest being 18 inches and our smallest 13 inches. Don’t be afraid to throw some meat this time of year we had plenty of strikes from small browns on a 4 inch streamer.DSC_2098 DSC_2108