The ground hog did not see his shadow, can we trust him?  Seems like he’s right most years so I’m looking forward to a early Spring and warmer temps.  This past week’s weather was awesome.  Air temps in the 60’s and low 70’s until today when a cold front pushed in.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got on the water 5 days.  The early part of the week gave my anglers good musky fishing.  One morning we had 3 fish eat before lunch and the next day my angler caught his first musky on his 7th cast of the day.  The mojo didn’t last unfortunately, my third day out searching for another first musky only gave up a few follows.  Thats the way it goes though, musky fishing consistently reassures me that its all about timing.

The rest of the of the week I spent my time on Virginia’s tail waters casting streamers for brown trout.  With the warm air temps it brought water temps up a bit.  The browns were a lot livelier with temps above 42 degrees.  Fishing will do nothing but get better from here on out!

If you haven’t heard we have a new fly shop opening up at the end of February in downtown Lynchburg.  Ethan Martin is opening up Taletellers Fly Shop on Commerce st.  I’m excited to have a fly shop close to home and a shop with a love for fly tying.  Ethan has been a commercial fly tier for a few years and has sold flies all over the world.  His shop will be stocked with all the latest fly tying material along with everything the fly fisherman needs.  Lets welcome Taletellers Fly Shop to the area when he opens.

I decided to take on a new project this year.  That is to create and share video content on my Youtube channel.  My goal is to bring educational and entertaining video once a week throughout my year guiding and fishing (if weather permits).  I’m really enjoying the process with video and editing so far even though its not easy guiding or fishing with a video camera.  Its definitely a learning curve and I have a lot to learn.  Here are a couple of my latest videos, there not perfect but hopefully enjoyable.