I remember my father telling me as a kid ” its the Dog Days son, fishing is no good”.  That never stopped me then and surely not now.  I have never seen any change in the fishing in August for smallmouth bass.  They still have to eat, and as long as there is water in the river, the fish will survive.  Dad was and still is full of wisdom and sayings but he has left the fishing predictions up to me now.

I had a much needed day of rest today because of rain and t-storms passing through all day.  I must say the rain was a sight for sore eyes.  We had a nice soaker which is what we need, unfortunately I witnessed the grass grow so two more months of mowing.  Don’t think this rain will mess conditions up on the rivers but hopefully keep the flow from getting lower for awhile.  This time of year can be tough when it gets low.  Especially on the bottom of my drift boat and fishing a sunny bank.  Bass see the line come through the air and game over.  The death from above I like to call it.

Throwing poppers and sliders has been the ticket lately on the James River.  Numbers of bass seem to be lower than years past but plenty of big fish still around to make up for the lower numbers.  On yesterdays trip, no sooner than the words came out my mouth, about a lot of my trips recently the biggest fish of the day was the first fish of the day.  My clients doubled up with in 10 minutes of being on the boat with a 19″ and 20″ bass.  That was pretty awesome seeing two trophy fish in the net at the same time.

I have been spending some time on the Staunton River as well.  Numbers are better and some nice fish being caught.  Streamer fishing has been producing best on the Staunton but some afternoons the topwater bite was really good.  Still two months of great smallmouth bass action left to be had.  I’m going to soak in every last minute of it cause Fall and Winter are just around the corner.