Happy New Year!  2017 was a great year for fishing and I thank everyone for keeping my boat floating.  The new year was brought in with cold temps.  Yesterday morning was 5 degrees and the daytime high was 25.  It looks like we have about 5 more days of temps below freezing.  The streams and rivers are either frozen or chunky.  You never know what will happen in January and its always been my hardest month.

Before the cold set in I did get out with some friends for some bass fishing.  I was surprised how active the fish were on the Staunton River.  Fishing below Leesville Dam with the lake water release it was keeping the water temps around 50 degrees on the river.  My friends had been catching a decent number of walleye, but none were hooked that day.  A few good largemouth bass and smallmouth bass made up our day, which was enough to make me happy.

As you know we have been in a drought this Fall/Winter.  No relief yet from Mother Nature, but hopefully soon.  Because of low flows I have put off musky trips until conditions improve. Plus now we will be waiting on the ice to melt as well.  If you are looking to get out of the house I will be giving a presentation on musky fly fishing for the NCC TU in Bethesda, MD on January 10th.  Presentation starts at 8pm at the Rock Bottom Brewery.  January 13 and 14 I will be at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival in Doswell, VA.  Its great the show has moved to the Winter time.  Come by the booth and say hello or catch my musky fly fishing presentation each day.  Good client and friend Mike Rennie will have some awesome fly boxes for sale featuring his art at my booth.

If you can find open water trout fishing can still be done.  Fish will be lethargic with these cold temps, so you will have to put in some work.  Tailwaters like the Jackson and Smith will provide some action if you can stand the air temps.  Spring creeks should be free of ice as well.

Look forward to what 2018 has in store and look forward to seeing everyone on the water!