Today was not the ideal conditions for fly fishing for musky but your not going catch them sitting at home.  Trey and I set out kind of late this morning in no hurry with wind chill in the teens and the wind blowing up to 25 mph.  I felt with the conditions we had, two things were about to happen; We were not going to see a fish or we would hook more than one.  Luckily we got the better side of my thoughts.  Trey’s first cast we had a musky miss the fly then chase it back down boat side and spooked.  A couple cast later we moved a few more.  I decided to give the spot a break and come back to it later.  After we moved to a different spot Trey came tight with a 33 inch musky.  This was Trey’s first musky to hand.  About a hour later hoping to move another fish with our fly change Trey came tight again this time with a fat 38 inch musky.  Extremely happy with our results we hung it up and went to the ramp to warm up and celebrate with a hot lunch.DSC_2176 DSC_2174