Heck of a start to vacation on Sunday. Jordan a friend of mine graciously poled me around NC marsh for 9 hours on the hunt for redfish.  We found fish in just about every spot we looked.  Right out of the gate I put the fly in front of two fish and when I saw the white of its mouth I decided to pull the fly from him.  One of those dumb rookie mistakes that we make even with years of experience.  After spooking fish and finding fish that were uninterested I finally had another redfish eat the fly 6 feet from the boat. With that one landed I had my confidence back and my eyes constantly looking for my next target.  We came across another school that had some nice fish in it.  We were able to get two out of the school before the rest of them spooked and the largest landed was 8.5 pounds.  Hope to get into more this week on my own in the kayak.  I love this saltwater game down here and I can’t get enough of itDSC_2415-1