Hit Leesville Lake today to see if the cicada hatch is getting the fish looking up and boy were they.  Incredible sight fishing for carp, bass, and even catfish were looking for the tasty cicadas. It was a absolute blast casting to the carp and watching them come up and slurp the fly. This is [...]

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High water and Mr. Green Pants

Well it started raining last Monday and didn't quit till Wednesday evening.  The problem was we got like 5 or 6 inches of rain.  Well you can imagine what that did to our rivers, the flood word would be accurate.  Itching to get on the water after cancelling my guided trips for the week my [...]

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The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming!

I barely remember the last one.  I was thirteen years old.  I do remember the fish going nuts over the cicadas, everything and anything where eating them.  I'm looking forward to this as every other red blooded fly fisherman should be to.  Time to start tying some cicadas and getting ready for the chaos. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/cicadapocalypse-2013-what-you-need-to-know [...]

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Ole Man Winter Won’t Let GO

This has been a strange winter and early spring.  It was never horribly cold but it was never warm, and spring has not arrived as far as spring temps.  In past years we would be catching white bass coming up river to spawn for a few weeks now. Usually by now I would be catching [...]

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Poor Man’s Tarpon

Headed down to Weldon, NC a few days ago to the Roanoke river.  Heard the hickory shad were in and boy were they.  It was a good feeling to go catching and not fishing for a change and by fishing I mean chasing musky. All winter long I have been on the water after the [...]

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Sage One

I recently purchased a new 5wt fly rod.  I decided to get the Sage One 590 and was not disappointed.  The One is the most accurate 5wt I have ever cast.  Spot on with short cast and long distance.  I highly recommend this rod!

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Gar on the fly!

Well, we weren't fishing for gar but when you see one of this size you can't help but try.  Shannon put the fly on the money.  He got lucky, the fly caught the gar in the corner of the jaw because a gar's mouth is nothing but bone.  I have hooked a few over the [...]

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It was a great weekend on the James River! I started out Saturday evening fishing with a friend for musky. After 553 cast or so, one finally decided to show itself by following my fly to the boat, trying to bite the 12inch offering.  Missing three times just a few feet from the boat, I [...]

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