My Favorite Kind of Tail

After battling the wind the past few days I finally hooked into my favorite saltwater fish.  Its been tough down here in OIB fishing the marsh.  I have had more tough days trying to catch redfish than good days.  I'm content if this is last one I see this year, grateful I didn't get skunked. [...]

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Guides Day Off

Enjoying my week off with the family down at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  I always look forward to our annual trip down to the salt.  I was fortunate enough to get invited to fish the marsh with a couple great clients of mine that own a flats boat.  Jordan and Charles are two great guys [...]

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Tenkara and kids

I purchased a tenkara rod a few months back after a fly shop owner told me he was using it with his young son.  It sounded like a great idea, no reel, very light, and the same motion of casting a fly rod.  What sold me on it is the rod is 11 feet long [...]

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Shad are Rad

Most species I guide and fish for make you work for it.  That is why they call it fishing and not catching right?  Well going hickory shad fishing is more like going catching, unless they are not there.  I made my annual trip down to Weldon, NC for the shad run last week.  I always [...]

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Boat Dog

I got Charlie a year ago from the Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old.  Charlie is a Lab/Doberman  mix and has been a outstanding member of my family.  I have been wanting to get him out in my drift boat for quite sometime now.  Yesterday the opportunity came about for myself and him [...]

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SmithFly Digi Pouch

I met the owner of SmithFly at the Winston-Salem, NC Fly Fishing Show last month.  Ethan has a bunch of functional packs and pouches.  What really got my attention was the Digi Pouch.  This is the first camera dry bag I have seen that was designed to carry a SLR.  I never like to carry my [...]

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Fly Tying in Lynchburg

If you are in or around Lynchburg, VA this coming Saturday I will be doing a tying class at Anglerslane. Starts at 8:30am and price is $20 per person. Contact Anglerslane at 434-385-0200 if you are interested. I will be teaching my Winter Foam Stone (dryfly) and a foam body Sneaky Pete (bass popper).

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Here We Go Again

Mother Nature has dropped the water on us once again.  It will be a few or more days before we will be back on the water for musky.   I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Santa brings them that new fly rod!

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Redfish 2013

Just got back from a week at  OIB beach with my family.  We have been vacationing there for six years now and each time we head down there I load the kayak on the car for hopes of catching some redfish.  I was able to get out 5 days and fish the high tide which [...]

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Please come down!

Back from the beach with high hopes of the river flows being back to normal, no such luck.  Well mother nature decided to give us more water on Thursday.  I have my fingers crossed for this coming week, hope I do not have to cancel anymore trips. 

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