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Shads Here

Nothing says Spring like shad fishing.  I headed down to Weldon, NC yesterday to fish the Roanoke River for the shad run.  I have been doing this now for about 10 years and I always look forward to going.  Shad are thick in the river now.  With the shad in the river the striped bass [...]

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All Finished

Spent my last day on the water yesterday guiding and fishing for stripers for the spring run.  The saltwater run of stripers in Weldon, NC was great this year.  Benny had never really wanted to fish for stripers with a fly rod before, he really enjoys using buck tails and flukes.  I was able to [...]

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Spawn or Eat?

The striper fishing this year has been a tough one.  The fish showed up late because of the cold weather and water.  Now the stripers have only one thing in mind and that is spawning, at least that was the case last week.  I and many other anglers struggled to put fish in the boat [...]

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Back at it!

Heavy rains early this week has kept me off the river this week till today.  I was surprised how quickly the river came down this week.  I was able to get one of my trips out today after Virginia's striped bass. Fishing was tough today for some reason. There is know question stripers are in the [...]

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Striper Mayhem

We have been catching stripers in the 25 and 26 inch range.  This has been the best average striped bass I have seen in six years.  We still have at least three more weeks of fishing for these hard pulling fish.  Water and air temps are below normal and that will prolong their time here [...]

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It Keeps Getting Better!

More and more stripers are coming up to their spawning grounds each day.  I was out four days this week and our catches have increased each day.  Today I had my good client Benny and his son Graham out.  Benny is know new comer to stripers, he has taking a few trips with me.  It [...]

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It Has Begun

The striper run has begun.  I was out with Scott from Seattle, WA today for his first time fishing for striped bass on the fly.  The day started off well with the first two stripers being in the 10 pound range and over 25 inches.  Scott was surprised with the power of striper when it [...]

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Reservoir Hawgs

After a long cold winter of fattening up on shad, freshwater stripers begin to feel the urge for a little romance with the longer warmer days of Spring.  Each year stripers make their journey out of lakes, reservoirs, and the ocean to spawn in our freshwater rivers.  The fishery here close to home is all [...]

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