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Fish Are Already Wet

When someone ask me if fish bite in the rain I'm pretty quick to reply why do they care their already wet.  38 degrees and rain is not my idea of enjoyable fishing conditions but I have gotten a bit tired of not fishing.  I figured might as well go because if we get to [...]

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It has been some tough fishing this Fall for musky.  I believe we are having the wettest Fall in history, I know I have never seen so much rain this time of year.  Rivers are generally low and clear in the Fall but all this rain has helped the trout streams for sure, there is plenty [...]

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Tis the Season

What I consider musky season has begun.  Leaves are changing and water temps are cooler.  After a two week break from the river because of  rain and high flows a friend and I made it out to start off Fall right.  Smallmouth bass were very active chasing minnows all over the river and I was [...]

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Virginia has it all

Its been a great couple of weeks fishing with clients.  Poppers and sliders continue to put some big smallmouth bass in the net.  I have had my hands on the oars for more days than I can count and the only time I have been touching the fly rod is when I hand it to a [...]

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My First Musky

I was checking flash drives for some different photos to change my presentation up a week ago and came across this little fella I caught years ago.  This was the first musky I have ever caught and it makes chuckle when I see the photo because I was one proud dude.  Its amazing to me [...]

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Knocked out that Cabin Fever

After a week of studying for my final captains license test and being indoors all week I needed a break.  With a lot of Virginia rivers having ice and ice flow the choices of places to fish are slim.  Snow covering boat ramps have also been a problem.  With temps near 40 degrees yesterday the [...]

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Dead Weight Fly and a Musky

I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented angler a week ago by the name of Ryan Sharpe.  I had Ryan out chasing down some brown trout with streamers.  Ryan is the owner and artist of Dead Weight Fly (http://deadweightfly.com).  Ryan takes scrap metal and shapes, welds, and cuts it into art.  I recently [...]

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Keep Calm and Musky On

Last Tuesday was my last trip of 2014.  Nick and Patrick hired me for a full day musky on the fly trip.  It was their first time chasing musky and after I explained how to retrieve, figure eight, set the hook, and fight musky on the fly rod, we started fishing the first hole of [...]

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Birthday Musky on the fly

Carlisle just left Montana heading east and stoping along the way visiting friends.  Carlisle heard about musky fishing in Virginia through a friend of his and reached out to me for his first experience.  Carlisle booked two days which is a great move when you chase the elusive musky.  When I met Carlisle he felt [...]

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