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Deep Freeze 2018

Happy New Year!  2017 was a great year for fishing and I thank everyone for keeping my boat floating.  The new year was brought in with cold temps.  Yesterday morning was 5 degrees and the daytime high was 25.  It looks like we have about 5 more days of temps below freezing.  The streams and [...]

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Before The Blowout

The rains have came and instead of guiding everyday this week I have been cancelling and rescheduling trips.  My biggest competition is Mother Nature and she always wins.  We do need the rain though, it has been dry and unseasonably warm for April.  Everything has been early this year.  Fish spawns like the smallmouth bass [...]

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Fly Flinging into Spring

Spring is finally here!  We were teased in February with beautiful weather, then March arrived and brought the cold back.  Extended forecast for central Virginia looks like Spring is here to stay awhile.  Spring brings a lot of options to the fly fisherman in Virginia.  One of the most exciting fisheries getting ready to start [...]

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What Season is it?

I thought it was Winter still, but this past weekends air temps were in the 60's one day and high 70's the following.  The weather has been nutsy coo coo no doubt, but not complaining.  Hopefully the warmer than normal temperatures hold out all the way through March.  Wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't [...]

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Fish Filled Week

With no guided trips scheduled this past week and no pressing honey do's I went fishing everyday.  When you have air temps in the upper 50's and low 60's in January, you got to take advantage.  With most of my fishing buddies having normal jobs I spent the week alone on the water except one. [...]

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Have I Made 10,000 Casts Yet?

This week I did my first few musky guided trips of the Fall/Winter season.  Started out this past Wednesday with a couple great guys, one from PA and the other a fishing guide in CO.  Weather was on the warm side this week, in fact I believe we may have broke some records.  I wasn't [...]

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One Fishy Weekend

I had to reschedule Andy's trip two different times this winter due to high water and weather.  We had originally planned to fish for muskie for two days, but with the flows still higher than I like I suggested we do a day after brown trout with streamers.  Jackson River near Covington, VA fished great [...]

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Hard Earned Cash

The muskie biologist for the VA Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries called me up earlier this week to see if I wanted to join them in shocking for musky this year.  He informed me he has been tagging fish with a numbered yellow tag near the dorsal fin.  These tags need to be removed [...]

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Winter Musky

First day of Winter wasn't too bad.  Started out with rain but that ended late morning and air temps reached 60 degrees.  It surely hasn't felt like Fall or Winter, Christmas Day forecast is 70 degrees believe it or not.  The mild weather has been nice but tons of rain has fallen since early October. [...]

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