If it wasn’t for the leaves falling I would swear its Spring.  Weather has been incredibley warm for this time of year.  I spent two days on the water with clients this week in shorts.  Even had the boat get stuck in some shallow water and got out without waders and it felt comfortable. I was hoping for normal November weather conditions by now with cold mornings, I especially want this for musky fishing.  Shouldn’t complain because winter is around the corner and we could pay dearly for this mild weather.  I have been spending a lot of time in a tree stand after whitetails but this weather isn’t helping that out.  Full week of guiding this coming week so time to get back after what pays the bills.  The couple days out this week was spent on the trout rivers streamer fishing looking for colored up big browns.  Nothing bigger than 16 inches came to hand but their all beautiful buttery browntrout regardless of their size.DSC_3071.