Drew's rainbowDrew which is a new client of mine called me up last minute to see if I could take him and his brother out for the day.  His brother Matt was down from the Jersey Shore visiting Drew.  Drew stated quickly he did not want to fish for musky again since he wanted to be sure his brother would catch fish. Drew and his good friend Johnny fished for musky for there first time with me for two days the week before.  Drew and Johnny did move a good number of musky but never found a hungry one.  I took Drew and Matt to the Jackson river being that is the only trout river in the state that is big enough to float.  The Jackson is also full of wild browns and rainbows.  The flows were low which is typical for this time of year.  We started our day and pretty much ended our day throwing a dry and dropper rig.  There have been a few October caddis flying around so I tied on a size 12 caddis dry and a purple Pyscho Prince nymph in a size 16.  Most of our fish were taken on the nymph but we had a hand full or more eat the dry.  Majority of the fish we caught were rainbows in the 10 to 14 inch range.  It was a fun spending the day with the two brothers and glad to see Matt back on the water after he hadn’t  fished in 20 years.