Summer Small Jaws

Well Summer is in full swing here in Virginia.  Humidity, bugs, and hungry smallmouth bass have been keeping us busy on the area rivers.  The smallies are in their Summer pattern of holding tight to the banks waiting and watching for a easy meal.  This means topwater bugs!  There is plenty of insects flying around [...]

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Marching into Spring

Its been 15 days since I have had to wear thermals aka long johns, hallelujah!  February was cold and wet, thankfully we have had a 15 day break from rain with temps in the 50's to 70's, its been glorious. I have just finished up guiding for musky until Fall, why you ask?  Well the [...]

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Just a Snow Show

Well the groundhog got this one right, six weeks more of Winter.  The past few February's have been mild but not this one.  Another snow storm hit Virginia a couple days ago followed up with some freezing rain.  Looking pretty snotty over the next 5 days so maybe doing a lot of fly tying.  Two [...]

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The End is Near

Its the last day of the craziest year likely all of us have ever experienced.  I really have nothing to complain about other than I didn't get to travel to Brazil and Belize.  This has been my busiest year guiding, also one of the wettest.  The Fall was a struggle cancelling and rescheduling do to [...]

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Fresh to Salt

October is just about done and wow it was a busy one.  The Fall bite for smallmouth bass was very good the past two weeks.  High fish numbers brought to the net and some very healthy fat bellied specimens.  Game Changers and Tequeelys did the best on exciting the smallmouth.  One bass upchucked a 6 [...]

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Blame It On The Rain

It has not been a normal August but what has been normal this year?  This August has been filled with thunderstorms almost daily and more flash flood warnings than I can count.  Normally one of busiest months of the year became one of my slowest with cancellations and rescheduling trips due to high and murky [...]

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Hot Smallies

Whew dog its been a hot one this July.  Humidity some days reminded me of the Amazon.  Unfortunately I will not be going to Brazil this year.  All trips have been pushed to 2021.  I had a hosted trip scheduled this Fall as well for Belize but with so much uncertainty I have pushed that [...]

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Feeling Like Summer

Finally its warming up, last month was the coolest May I have ever seen.  It was also a wet month and the rivers stayed high for a couple weeks.  We now have great river levels and clear water.  I ran one more trout trip to the Jackson River.  We had higher flows so streamer fishing [...]

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