Carlisle just left Montana heading east and stoping along the way visiting friends.  Carlisle heard about musky fishing in Virginia through a friend of his and reached out to me for his first experience.  Carlisle booked two days which is a great move when you chase the elusive musky.  When I met Carlisle he felt the same as me, he wanted just one in the boat over the two day trip.  Not long after hitting the water our first day I went over how to fish for musky and how to figure eight the fly at the boat.  I never want someones first musky to be on the figure eight because its awkward to set the hook and a lot of them get lost that way.  When we moved our first fish that morning  it ate the fly at the boat after a few figure eights and Carlisle did everything perfect to put his first musky in the boat.  With our mission accomplished on the first day in the first hour the rest of our day was stress free.  The next day was slow and for good reason water temps were 38 degrees that morning.  After hitting a few holes and not seeing but one smaller musky, the afternoon rolled around.  Almost to the last hole of the float Carlisle came tight on his second fish, this time 30 feet from the boat.  Carlisle said this was the best birthday present ever!  Always happy to help get fly anglers their first and second musky.  Good Job Carlisle!DSC_2224 DSC_2199