Boy did the weather change the past couple days.  Friday’s weather wasn’t bad with a high near 60 degrees, then a low pressure front pushed in from the north.  Saturday and Sunday was a bit different from last week.  High winds, a little rain, and cold temps had arrived and I was bit crabby about it.  Not being ready for the cold I packed my clothes like I was going to the arctic for the next couple days of guiding.  Started my trip with Chad on a half day musky trip.  This was Chad’s first time trying musky on the fly rod.  The first fish we moved came in quick and missed the fly on the figure eight then unfortunately spooked.  We tried a few times to move that musky again but it wouldn’t come back out.  We moved a half dozen fish that afternoon but nothing was acting to hungry.  So we licked our wounds and focused on our next day fishing for trout on the Jackson River.  Jackson River fished well even though flows had dropped to 160 cfs.  We were still able to float but had to leave the drift boat at home and take the raft.  Nymph fishing was best but we did get a couple on dries and droppers.  Chad landed around 30 wild rainbows and is best fish were 2 16 inch rainbows and one 14 inch brown.DSC_2087 DSC_2091