Avoid crowded spaces – Go fishing

Keep a safe distance from people sneezing and coughing – Go fishing

Boost immunity with fresh air – Go fishing

Maintain a positive and prudent attitude – Go fishing

Just a idea to stay CV19 free during this crazy time.  All is ok in my world, thankfully the family is healthy.  I hope you and yours are staying healthy and in good spirit.  So far I have lost some trips due to the situation we are in but I have gained some too because a lot of people are at home and bored.  Fishing has been great along with our weather this March.  Small streams for brook trout and the larger trout rivers have been giving up the goods.  The dry fly fishing for native brook trout has been on fire.  The larger rivers I’m starting see some caddis with the warmer water and air temps.

Its been at least 8 years since I have caught many white bass on the Staunton river.  I ventured out last week for fun and ran into tons of white bass and white perch.  On a 6 weight fly rod there isn’t much better than getting into 10-14″ white bass.  The white bass have migrated up from Buggs Island Lake to spawn.  I was finding small schools and large schools, sometimes anchored out for a hour catching.  Awesome action and the white bass weren’t the only ones eating.  We caught walleye, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, largemouth, and some stripers showed up.

This is a tough time we are going through but if you want to get out on the water I’m here to help.  Lets hope this is over soon, we have a lot of great fishing ahead and we don’t need to miss out.