Fresh off the plane from a week in Florida with my family on vacation.  It was sunny and it was hot but a great time was had.  I was able to sneak out a day to tarpon fish with Lost Coast Anglers out of the Tampa area.  Awesome experience watching the tarpon slide just off the shore of the beach.  I casted to many and had a few turn and follow the fly but none would open their mouth.  Easily saw 60 tarpon or more in a 8 hour trip.  I didn’t get a cast to all of them but most of them.  Capt. Brian Jill did a excellent job on finding the fish but we couldn’t make them eat.  I did get to catch up with my old employer who owned the Blue Quill Angler fly shop in Evergreen, CO.  Jim now lives in Florida and we just so happened to be vacationing 15 minutes from his home.  Jim was kind of enough to take me snook fishing out of kayaks two nights.  What a blast, we saw fish busting bait before dark and then after dark we fished dock lights where you could see 30 or more snook hanging around.  Definitely worth a try if you have never done it.  Snook pull hard and are very acrobatic.

Before vacation with the family I was rolling everyday on the water.  I had a successful F301 Trout School with the folks out of the Orvis Richmond store.  8 anglers joined me and Connor for the on the water school at Escatawba Farms.  I will be holding another school October 12th this year at Escatawba Farms.  Cost is $250 per person.  If your interested just give me a call, this school is geared towards beginner fly fisherman.

The smallmouth bass have gotten out of their post spawn rut and are hitting the river buffet line.  Fish have begun to move towards the banks and ambushing from the shallow water.  Top water fishing has been really good as well.  We had some really hot days in late May so that helped the bugs come out and the bass are noticing.  I will be full on smallmouth bass guiding from here on out till Fall.  The best fishing is still to come.  For those of you that have looked at my calendar and the dates where not open, I’m sorry. My Spring was extremely busy and I have finally updated my online calendar for the next couple months.

Hope to see you on the water!