Last year I was invited out to fish for false albacore off the NC coast.  Fishing had been great from reports but like a lot of us bad luck follows us around.  We were a day late and a dollar short, fish just seemed to vanish when we arrived.  Thankfully the invite came again this year.  Two boats and seven dudes to be exact staying in Beaufort, NC and thats pronounced “Bofort” just so you don’t have a local jump on your shit.  The reports were good again this year and everyone seemed to be catching but we had last years results in the back of our minds.  First morning we crept out of Beaufort inlet looking for signs of life on the surface of the ocean.  I believe we thought we were seeing a mirage when birds were diving just off the beach and fish slashing the surface under the birds.  The boat went from poking along to o shit hold on.  We started to cast at what look to be a missile skimming the surface with its mouth open and anchovies leaping from the water.  I had never seen a fish move so fast in my life.  By the time you made a cast the fish were 20 yards away, it was nuts. We some how managed to get into some fish within ten minutes of being there.  I was in such a rush I made a new knot in my leader around my rod tip and had to pick up another rod.  Fast and furious describes this fishing best in my opinion.  Ride around find birds, drive like a bat out of hell, and start casting cause these things move.  We managed to land 50 false albacore between the two boats the first day.  So we really made up for last years skunking.  If you have never done false albacore fishing you need to think about it.  If you want a break from the norm well this is it. I forgot to mention every fish will smoke you into your backing and pull like a 4wd tractor.

Back on the home front, not a lot of change here yet.  Still very inconsistent weather far as air temps and its been very dry like most Falls.  Leaves are being a problem if we have any wind above 10mph.  Last weekends Jackson river trip was going just fine until afternoon wind dropped tons of leaves in the water and the fishing shut down.  I don’t blame the trout because I can understand how hard it would be hard to identify what is food when leaves are smacking you in the face.  Leaves were all the way down in the water column.  Before the leaves came my anglers wanted to throw streamers in some deep holes in hopes for a brown trout having a bad morning.  We did in fact land to very nice fish but it was the other Jackson river predator, chain pickerel.  I usually catch only one a year on the river but this morning we hooked two within 10 yards of each other.  The guys were jacked that they landed their first pickerel on the fly!img_5111 img_5113 img_5116 img_5118