It was a great weekend on the James River! I started out Saturday evening fishing with a friend for musky. After 553 cast or so, one finally decided to show itself by following my fly to the boat, trying to bite the 12inch offering.  Missing three times just a few feet from the boat, I started to figure-eight the fly like a crazed idiot. The musky decided he didn’t want any part of my game.  After licking my wounds I took over the oars for my friend, rowing back upstream to run the same area we just fished. By this time the sun had went below the horizon.  Erik made a cast at a mid-river log and skipped his fly to the other side, then BAM!  A 38 inch musky was securely hooked, thrashing and jumping.  Musky fishing can take you to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs in seconds.