Its Done!

Rain, rain, and more rain has been the norm this week.  Weather men claim its done tomorrow and the sun will show it's lovely self again.  The rain was needed but like most of the time its either not enough or to much.  Unfortunately the weather put a end to my smallmouth bass fishing for [...]

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Biggie Smalls

It would be hard to beat last weeks fishing.  Pete and Sandra fished with me for four days on the James and Staunton rivers.  Out of the four days Pete put two fish over 20 inches in the boat on poppers.  The best fish of the summer was caught by Sandra on the Staunton river. [...]

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Chasing Down The Smalljaws

Catching fish bigger than 17 inches was tougher this week. All the unsettled weather has seem to get them off the banks. Yesterday morning fished well for a spell and John's third fish was 19 inches and his biggest to date.  The smallmouth bass are still eating on top and had one cough up a [...]

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Low and Clear

Smallmouth bass fishing continues to be good even with the low and very clear water conditions.  They are bit spooky when the fish are directly in the sunlight but if you focus on the shade you won't spook as many with your cast.  Cicadas are still around and falling on occasions from the trees to [...]

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James River Bug Fishing

The period we refer to as bug fishing is here.  With cooler nights the summer cicadas have started falling out of trees and dying off.  There are a lot of big smallmouth bass cruising shore lines and waiting in the shadows for a floating meal.  This is the most exciting time of year for smallmouth [...]

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Virginia has it all

Its been a great couple of weeks fishing with clients.  Poppers and sliders continue to put some big smallmouth bass in the net.  I have had my hands on the oars for more days than I can count and the only time I have been touching the fly rod is when I hand it to a [...]

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Two More Months of Bass

Cicadas are singing and the humidity is high.  We are getting down to the last two months of topwater fishing for smallmouth bass.  Its been a great summer so far for catching big smallies on poppers and sliders.  The trees along the river are loaded with summer cicadas and it won't be long fish will [...]

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All About That Bass

Finally  Virginia's rivers are back in shape from two weeks of daily t-storms.  Bass are back to doing there summer thing, looking for bugs and smashing minnows in the shallows. Clients have put some great fish in the boat the past few days.  Biggest bass have been 17-21 inches all on topwater flies.  Looking forward [...]

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When it Rains it Pours

I was wondering two weeks ago if  I was going to have enough water to float in come August.  Well that changed a week ago with a 3 to 4 inch rain storm hitting the headwaters of the James River.  Last week was pretty much spent twiddling my thumbs after I got all the trips rescheduled.  Now [...]

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Trophy Smallmouth Bass on the Fly

Big smallmouth bass continue to be caught.  Fish from 17 to 21 inches have become more common and seeing good numbers of big bass.  Sliders and poppers have been the best method to tricking the big boys into eating in the shallow water.  This week so far the biggest bass clients have landed has been [...]

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