Fish Are Already Wet

When someone ask me if fish bite in the rain I'm pretty quick to reply why do they care their already wet.  38 degrees and rain is not my idea of enjoyable fishing conditions but I have gotten a bit tired of not fishing.  I figured might as well go because if we get to [...]

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It has been some tough fishing this Fall for musky.  I believe we are having the wettest Fall in history, I know I have never seen so much rain this time of year.  Rivers are generally low and clear in the Fall but all this rain has helped the trout streams for sure, there is plenty [...]

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Butter Browns

If it wasn't for the leaves falling I would swear its Spring.  Weather has been incredibley warm for this time of year.  I spent two days on the water with clients this week in shorts.  Even had the boat get stuck in some shallow water and got out without waders and it felt comfortable. I [...]

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