Shads Here

Nothing says Spring like shad fishing.  I headed down to Weldon, NC yesterday to fish the Roanoke River for the shad run.  I have been doing this now for about 10 years and I always look forward to going.  Shad are thick in the river now.  With the shad in the river the striped bass [...]

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Shad Kill and Potbelly Browntrout

We have had high water flows here in Virginia for the past couple weeks.  One of the disadvantages of my job is dealing with Mother Nature.  This week I had seven guide trips in a row but had to reschedule every one of them due to high flows.  River flows have now started to come [...]

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My First Musky

I was checking flash drives for some different photos to change my presentation up a week ago and came across this little fella I caught years ago.  This was the first musky I have ever caught and it makes chuckle when I see the photo because I was one proud dude.  Its amazing to me [...]

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Over and Done

Yesterday I made the trek back to the Chesapeake Marine Training Institute in Hayes, VA.  With a little over  three hour ride I had a lot to think about.  My thoughts were wether I would pass my test this time and what was my plan if I didn't.  I felt like I was ready but my nerves [...]

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