Knocked out that Cabin Fever

After a week of studying for my final captains license test and being indoors all week I needed a break.  With a lot of Virginia rivers having ice and ice flow the choices of places to fish are slim.  Snow covering boat ramps have also been a problem.  With temps near 40 degrees yesterday the [...]

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Orvis Guide Rendezvous 2015

Well I just got back home from the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Asheville, NC.  Guides, fishing managers, and Orvis employees from the east, west, north, south, and everywhere in-between gathered for a few days to talk fishing, business, and have a good time.  Highland Brewing Company, Southern Culture on the fly, and the Orvis Company [...]

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Two Weeks of Hell

I got this crazy idea a couple years back and it took a couple years to actually act on it.  About a month ago I signed up for a school in Hayes, VA to get my captains license.  I have a few friends that have their license and I thought how hard could it be. [...]

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