Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter seems to follow Pat Dorsey everywhere he goes. We had a couple good days on the Watuaga and South Holston rivers the past couple days. We fished through a snow storm casting dries all day and the next dealt with cold winds and nymph rigs. Pat got reports of 70 degree temps [...]

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Dead Weight Fly and a Musky

I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented angler a week ago by the name of Ryan Sharpe.  I had Ryan out chasing down some brown trout with streamers.  Ryan is the owner and artist of Dead Weight Fly (http://deadweightfly.com).  Ryan takes scrap metal and shapes, welds, and cuts it into art.  I recently [...]

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Man Over Board

Well after rowing a boat for 15 years I had my first ever man over board last week.  Took a couple friends out for a float to hunt down some wild Virginia brown trout.  It was going to be a nice day with air temps near 50 in the afternoon.  We were a hour into [...]

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Ice in the Guides

The older I get the harder it is to get motivated to fish in the cold.  I don't mean 32 degrees cold, I mean wind chills near zero.  After contemplating my sanity I talked my southern brother from another mother to join me for some streamer fishing after Virginia's wild brown trout.  Yes we could [...]

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