Winter Musky

First day of Winter wasn't too bad.  Started out with rain but that ended late morning and air temps reached 60 degrees.  It surely hasn't felt like Fall or Winter, Christmas Day forecast is 70 degrees believe it or not.  The mild weather has been nice but tons of rain has fallen since early October. [...]

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Growing Older in Louisiana

I had the most incredible birthday this week.  A few months ago I received a phone call from one of my best clients, Kool Uncle Kenny.  Ken asked me if I would like to go with him to New Orleans to fish the Louisiana marsh for the chance at a redfish over 20 pounds.  Without [...]

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Gift Certificates for the Fly Fisherman

With Christmas approaching some folks maybe wondering what to get that fly fisherman on their list.  Well for those hard to buy for how about a gift certificate from Matt Miles Fly Fishing for a guided fishing trip.  A fly fishing guided trip is also a great gift for the beginner fisherman.  Hiring a guide [...]

Fish Are Already Wet

When someone ask me if fish bite in the rain I'm pretty quick to reply why do they care their already wet.  38 degrees and rain is not my idea of enjoyable fishing conditions but I have gotten a bit tired of not fishing.  I figured might as well go because if we get to [...]

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It has been some tough fishing this Fall for musky.  I believe we are having the wettest Fall in history, I know I have never seen so much rain this time of year.  Rivers are generally low and clear in the Fall but all this rain has helped the trout streams for sure, there is plenty [...]

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Butter Browns

If it wasn't for the leaves falling I would swear its Spring.  Weather has been incredibley warm for this time of year.  I spent two days on the water with clients this week in shorts.  Even had the boat get stuck in some shallow water and got out without waders and it felt comfortable. I [...]

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Get Out and Enjoy The Fall Color

The leaves are about as good as they are going to get this year.  After the color fades and the leaves drop, you can still find those Fall colors in the water.  Brown trout have started coloring up for the spawn and their aggressive nature to eat bigger meals increases.  Just before and after, the [...]

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I Prefer Them Wild

Living in a state like Virginia that has abundance of trout fishing for stocked or hatchery raised I prefer my trout to be wild.  I'm not apposed to fishing for stocked trout and I do, but there is something special about that wild fish. The colors of a wild fish are very beautiful and typically [...]

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Tis the Season

What I consider musky season has begun.  Leaves are changing and water temps are cooler.  After a two week break from the river because of  rain and high flows a friend and I made it out to start off Fall right.  Smallmouth bass were very active chasing minnows all over the river and I was [...]

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