Fall Trout Fly Fishing

Spent sometime on the trout rivers this past week.  Started out on the South Holston River just across the state line in TN.  The SoHo fished well as usual nymphing during the generation.  I did lose the biggest brown trout I believe I have had on the line.  The fish ate a San Juan worm, [...]

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Fall Musky

My past couple musky on the fly guided trips have been exciting but with no grip and grins to show.  We have seen a ton of fish the past two trips.  One trip had over 20 musky follow in and two fish eat the fly but lost after fighting them to the boat. It sure [...]

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Fall Bass

Leaves are starting to change and the bass are still trying to feel there tummies before cold weather sets in.  Had Keith and Tommy out today on the James river.  Water temps have really cooled and plenty of fish are still patrolling the banks but most fish were taken in deeper water off the bank. [...]

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Laid Up

When I saw this fish from a distance laying in a bunch of down trees I thought to myself this guy might be looking to eat.  Nope,  with a couple well placed cast from the anglers in the boat with me the fish never even turned.  So we rowed over to take a picture instead. [...]

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