Fall Has Arrived

Well its here, I wasn't quite ready for it but Fall has arrived.  Our weather the past month has definitely felt like Fall.  The cool nights and days have brought the water temps down to the low 60's or lower.  The topwater bite for smallmouth bass is basically over and the past couple days we [...]

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Its not over

James and Chuck but a hurtin on the smallmouth bass today.  There were tons of bass on the banks and feeding aggressively.  If you got your offering near the bank the bass would happily come over to eat it.  Chuck normally fishes the New river but  was amazed how well the James river fished and [...]

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Last Call For Topwater Bass

Fall like weather is here and the dog day cicadas are dropping like flies in the river.  Big bass are cruising shorelines under trees looking for tasty bugs that have fallen victim to cool weather.  I look forward to Fall to start hunting but I also miss the hot days that keep bass near the [...]

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Good Times in the Rockies

Awesome day yesterday fishing with good friends on the river I cut my teeth on guiding in Colorado. It was fun to get back on Colorado waters for a week. Thank you Pat and Chris for clearing your busy schedules so we could fish like old times

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Guides week off

I'm enjoying vacation with my family here in Colorado.  Weather has been great and the rivers are flowing higher than normal for this time of year.  Fishing has been great also and will have some photos to share soon.  I had a trip out with two great clients this past Friday.  I had Jeff and [...]

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