Topwater is still going strong

I had Trey Oliver out for the second time this summer for smallmouth bass on the fly.  Trey works for the Orvis company store in Charlotte, NC.  It was a great day out with Trey with plenty of hungry bass coming up for our popper.  Trey landed  a few quality fish measuring 18 and 19 inches with [...]

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Bass and Bears

Drifting near the back yesterday morning with my client as he was throwing poppers trying to entice a bass.  I caught a glimpse of something down river looking up at us.  Quickly realized it was a black bear swimming across the mighty James river.  I told my client we would row down so we could [...]

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Thats why its called fishing

There is no doubt that there is a lot of luck involved in fishing.  So would you rather be lucky than good?  Juan and Joe are experienced anglers and very good at fly casting.  Being good can make a tough day better and there is no substitute for experience to get the job done.  Juan [...]

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New to Fly Fishing

Last week was a busy one for me. After the much needed rain from the previous weekend we had stained water for a few days but the James river cleared quickly.  I had experienced anglers out and anglers trying fly fishing for the very first time.  Friday's trip I had Chip and Spencer out for [...]

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James River Fly Fishing

Went from guiding for trout on the Jackson river this weekend back to my favorite thing to do in the summer, smallmouth bass fishing with poppers.  Its been a busy week and we have had some good rain over the weekend.  Water levels have risen but its been much needed rain.  Some rivers got a [...]

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Bass Bugs

I love seeing big smallmouth bass in shallow water because the best way to catch them are on top.  The New River fished really well yesterday for the majority of the day.  We found some very nice bass in some very skinny water.  As long as you led them a few feet with your cast [...]

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Low and Clear

Drift boat is showing signs of bumping into a few rocks the past couple weeks but its been worth it.  The big smallmouth bass have been keeping myself and my anglers on our toes.  With a well placed cast in the shade you may find your popper disappearing and strong pull on the end of [...]

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