Kenny is one my very best clients.  He decided to bring his girlfriend Madeline down to fish with me for her very first time fly fishing.  Kenny has put many large smallmouth bass in the boat with me and yesterday was no exception with this 20 inch slab that took a popper I tie off [...]

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Putting in Work

Elford and Charles were in Virginia visiting from South Carolina.  As a guide and angler you never want tough fishing especially for your clients.  Yesterday was strange, the bass would feed for a bit then quit and it was like this all day.  We missed some really nice bass on poppers through out the day [...]

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Cold Front

Most of the time you wouldn't hear me complain about high 70 and low 80 degree weather in July.  The past few days we have had awesome air temps, but we have had some cool nights in the high 50s.  The cool nights dropped our water temps on the smallmouth bass water and the fish [...]

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Warmwater Pigs

My weekend trips were incredible.  Saturdays trip with James and Shannon put the highest number of big fish in the boat for this year.  James and Shannon landed a 20 1/2, 20, a couple 19s and a couple 18 inch smallmouth bass on flies and lures on their trip.  Fishing continues to be great on [...]

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Warm Water

Its been toasty around here lately but it hasn't affected the topwater bass bite.  The James River flows are great right now for fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  The water is clear and the bass can see the popper hit from a good distance away.  I saw a few fish the other day move ten [...]

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Lurking in the shadows

Smallmouth bass have taken up residency in the shade of the banks on these hot sunny days.  The past few days have been great throwing poppers to the banks.  Average fish on top water flies have been 14 to 16 inches and we have landed many 17 and 18 inch bass also.  My anglers have had [...]

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