Striper Mayhem

We have been catching stripers in the 25 and 26 inch range.  This has been the best average striped bass I have seen in six years.  We still have at least three more weeks of fishing for these hard pulling fish.  Water and air temps are below normal and that will prolong their time here [...]

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It Keeps Getting Better!

More and more stripers are coming up to their spawning grounds each day.  I was out four days this week and our catches have increased each day.  Today I had my good client Benny and his son Graham out.  Benny is know new comer to stripers, he has taking a few trips with me.  It [...]

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It Has Begun

The striper run has begun.  I was out with Scott from Seattle, WA today for his first time fishing for striped bass on the fly.  The day started off well with the first two stripers being in the 10 pound range and over 25 inches.  Scott was surprised with the power of striper when it [...]

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Spring Break

We had about 2 inches of rain Monday night and Tuesday.  Had a few trips on the books for stripers this week.  Well mother nature changed our plans after that dumping of rain.  Most kids around here are on Spring Break.  My nephew was out this week and is addicted to fishing.  With not a [...]

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Virginia Brown Trout

Back out on the Jackson river this past weekend.  The Jackson has been fishing well with streamers. Luckily my client's enjoy streamer fishing.  Water temps are raising slowly on the Jackson and the caddis are starting to hatch but not in big numbers yet.  I would expect by weeks end you should see a good [...]

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Mountain Gems

I started fly fishing 22 years ago.  The first trout I caught on a fly rod was a native brook trout.  For the past ten years, I haven't had the opportunity to fish  Virginia's small mountain streams as much as I'd like.  I guess with guiding out of boat on our larger rivers for predator [...]

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Streamer Bite

I spent three days guiding on the Jackson river last weekend.  We had a little bit of everything weather wise.  Friday and Saturday was in and out rain, then Sunday the cold came back with a little snow and high winds.  Friday's trip started out slow nymphing and nymphing remained slow the rest of the [...]

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