Shad are Rad

Most species I guide and fish for make you work for it.  That is why they call it fishing and not catching right?  Well going hickory shad fishing is more like going catching, unless they are not there.  I made my annual trip down to Weldon, NC for the shad run last week.  I always [...]

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Boat Dog

I got Charlie a year ago from the Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old.  Charlie is a Lab/Doberman  mix and has been a outstanding member of my family.  I have been wanting to get him out in my drift boat for quite sometime now.  Yesterday the opportunity came about for myself and him [...]

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Reservoir Hawgs

After a long cold winter of fattening up on shad, freshwater stripers begin to feel the urge for a little romance with the longer warmer days of Spring.  Each year stripers make their journey out of lakes, reservoirs, and the ocean to spawn in our freshwater rivers.  The fishery here close to home is all [...]

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Musky Shocking

Got out with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries again today shocking musky.   I could get used to seeing this many musky in a day but would miss the challenge of hooking these monsters on the fly.  We got one that was 26 pounds and few more in the 20 pound range.  We [...]

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Warm Up

This past weekend was the warmest days I have seen since October last year.  It was nice to be on the water with clients and not wearing 5 layers of clothing for once this year.  Had Dave and Max out on Sunday for trout fishing on Buffalo Creek near Lexington, VA.  The creek looked perfect, [...]

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SmithFly Digi Pouch

I met the owner of SmithFly at the Winston-Salem, NC Fly Fishing Show last month.  Ethan has a bunch of functional packs and pouches.  What really got my attention was the Digi Pouch.  This is the first camera dry bag I have seen that was designed to carry a SLR.  I never like to carry my [...]

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Shocking Musky

I had the opportunity to get out with Virginia Department of Inland Game and Fish last week to help out shocking musky.  You get a real grasp on how many musky actually live in the river when you hit them with some juice.  We shocked up and sampled 38 muskies out of only three holes. [...]

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