Tailwater Weekend

The waters here in VA have been muddy and running high due to the snow run off.  So when my buddy Neal came into town looking to get in some fishing we didn't have many options here in the Commonwealth.  We tried one of the spring creeks but it was as high and murky as [...]

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Counting the Days

The striper box is full!  We are a month and a half away now from the stripers making their annual journey up river to spawn.  I always get excited when I think of Spring this time of year.  Soon shad will fill certain rivers and anglers can have a hundred fish days.  White bass will [...]

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Leg Shaker

Had two of my very best clients out yesterday for musky on the fly.  Trent and Kenny have been out with many times for everything I guide for.  This was their second musky trip with me almost exactly a year apart.   The day started as usual casting, stripping the fly, figure eighting, and staring [...]

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Single Hook Musky Flies

I had forgotten how quick I could tie a single hook musky fly.  Most of what I use and tie is one hook with three shanks to get length and generally take me a hour to tie.  It was nice to sit down and whip out a 8 inch single in just 30 minutes or [...]

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Virginia Muskie

I had the opportunity to fish with a few great guys this past weekend.  John, Alex, and Jim came down from Cleveland to try out some Virginia musky on the fly.  I was only able to join them one day but they got it done the first day.  Jim landed his first ever musky measuring [...]

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