To Cold For Beer

Its been a crazy six days.  Good friend and the man responsible for me being a fishing guide, Pat Dorsey came to VA.  Pat came and gave a presentation to the local TU chapter and one at Mossy Creek Fly Shop this week.  In between Pat showing off his talents with a camera and speaking [...]

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High Water Muskie

Its been a few weeks since I have been on the river chasing musky.  Weather has finally straighten out, except for being cold which you expect in January.  I hit the river Thursday with a buddy of mine.  We knew the flows were still on the high side but I needed a break from the [...]

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Fly Tying in Lynchburg

If you are in or around Lynchburg, VA this coming Saturday I will be doing a tying class at Anglerslane. Starts at 8:30am and price is $20 per person. Contact Anglerslane at 434-385-0200 if you are interested. I will be teaching my Winter Foam Stone (dryfly) and a foam body Sneaky Pete (bass popper).

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Beer, Flies, and Lies

I was invited out to  Beer Tie last night.  Beer Tie happens once each month on the second Monday.  Its been going on for a few years now.   Just a bunch of area fisherman get together to tie flies and have few brews.  Dan Davala invited me up to Arlington, VA to attend.  Dan [...]

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Cabin Fever

Its been a rough week weather wise.  Wind chills below zero on Tuesday, which iced over a lot of our rivers.  Had to cancel three musky trips this week from the ice and now pouring rain.  2014 is not going well so far.  Well maybe this weather will straighten out soon and I can actually [...]

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Muskie Flies

If I continue to tie musky flies I will have to build a addition to my home to store them.  In the fly tying world musky flies have been a addiction I can't kick.  The musky waters are back to good fishing level for now and looking forward to getting out after them. Arctic blast [...]

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SoHo Wasn’t Soso

With high water here in VA it was time to start thinking about a trip to the South Holston River near Bristol, TN.  My good friend and his farther expressed interest in fishing on New Years Day.   I knew they would be up for the three and half hour drive south.  After I checked [...]

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