Keep Calm and Musky On

Last Tuesday was my last trip of 2014.  Nick and Patrick hired me for a full day musky on the fly trip.  It was their first time chasing musky and after I explained how to retrieve, figure eight, set the hook, and fight musky on the fly rod, we started fishing the first hole of [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas is just a few days away now and I'm looking forward to spending time with my family over the next few days.  Its been a great year here in Virginia chasing after my favorite fish species with clients and friends.  I have one more trip on the books before the new year and hope [...]

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Brown Trout Friday

I was up early the morning after Thanksgiving but it wasn't to get the best deal I could on a new TV.  I was up early to get my anglers out for the day on some trout water.  With some much needed rain on Wednesday before the holiday it had some of Virginia's waters off color, [...]

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Birthday Musky on the fly

Carlisle just left Montana heading east and stoping along the way visiting friends.  Carlisle heard about musky fishing in Virginia through a friend of his and reached out to me for his first experience.  Carlisle booked two days which is a great move when you chase the elusive musky.  When I met Carlisle he felt [...]

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Cold Temps, Hot Musky

Today was not the ideal conditions for fly fishing for musky but your not going catch them sitting at home.  Trey and I set out kind of late this morning in no hurry with wind chill in the teens and the wind blowing up to 25 mph.  I felt with the conditions we had, two [...]

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The Monkey is Off My Back

The past 6 guided trips I have done for musky my clients have had 7 musky eat the fly and 7 musky throw the fly.  I have been down in the dumps about all the musky that have been lost.  I was starting to wonder if I was cursed and what was it going to [...]

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Fall Colors

Fall can be a beautiful time of year but Virginia's leaves are done with color now and are starting their decent to the ground.  If you are still looking to see some Fall color you still can even though the leaves are done.  Fall time is brown trouts time to shine and show there beautiful fall [...]

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A Big Change

Boy did the weather change the past couple days.  Friday's weather wasn't bad with a high near 60 degrees, then a low pressure front pushed in from the north.  Saturday and Sunday was a bit different from last week.  High winds, a little rain, and cold temps had arrived and I was bit crabby about [...]

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Fall Trout Fly Fishing

Spent sometime on the trout rivers this past week.  Started out on the South Holston River just across the state line in TN.  The SoHo fished well as usual nymphing during the generation.  I did lose the biggest brown trout I believe I have had on the line.  The fish ate a San Juan worm, [...]

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