Musky on the fly action!

I had two great anglers in the boat today.  Jordan and Charles joined me on the James River for there first musky on the fly trip.  Jordan and Charles have years of experience fishing the saltwater with the fly and it showed today.  Charles put some impressive cast out there, some reaching 70 feet.  When [...]

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A friend and I got out yesterday for a few hours on the James river.  It was cold, in fact I under dressed and was to the point of shivering towards the end.  We had one follow to the boat shortly after we started then a cast to a mid river tree yielded a musky [...]

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My good client Kenny caught this giant rainbow trout yesterday at the public section of Beaver Creek.  The rainbow measured out at 29.5 inches with a 17 inch girth.  A fish of a lifetime anywhere in the world.  Most folks travel to Alaska for a rainbow that size. Great to see a fish like this [...]

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James River Musky

My good friend Dave stuck this fine 42 inch river monster yesterday.  Water temps have cooled down a lot the past few weeks and the musky are trying to fill there tummies.  Let's fix that appetite with some fur and feather.

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Brothers Rainbow

Drew which is a new client of mine called me up last minute to see if I could take him and his brother out for the day.  His brother Matt was down from the Jersey Shore visiting Drew.  Drew stated quickly he did not want to fish for musky again since he wanted to be [...]

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October on the Jackson

Spent three days on the Jackson River guiding a group of five for trout. The anglers were from up and down the east coast.  The Jackson fished a bit slow this trip but all anglers caught fish each day some more than others.  The highlights of the trip was a 17 inch brown and a [...]

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VA Musky Country

I'm thankful for the beautiful scenery VA provides when I'm trying to get a musky to eat. The past few guide trips have provided a lot of follows from all sizes of musky and a few eats but some how they keep coming unbuttoned. Hopefully the losing streak ends soon.

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Thank You Sun

Had a couple great guys out yesterday on the James River.  Quay and John came down from Waynesboro to do a musky/smallmouth bass trip.  We had planned to just spend a hour or so on musky that morning then fish for smallmouth for the rest of the day.  Quay was using the fly rod for [...]

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Fall Trout

Had good trip out yesterday on the Special Reg. section of Buffalo Creek.  Water was low and clear even after some recent rain. Caught all rainbows in the 7 to 14 inch range, we did see 4 big fish one being a brown trout easily over 20 inches.  The big fish were very spooky with [...]

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