October on the Jackson

Spent three days on the Jackson River guiding a group of five for trout. The anglers were from up and down the east coast.  The Jackson fished a bit slow this trip but all anglers caught fish each day some more than others.  The highlights of the trip was a 17 inch brown and a [...]

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VA Musky Country

I'm thankful for the beautiful scenery VA provides when I'm trying to get a musky to eat. The past few guide trips have provided a lot of follows from all sizes of musky and a few eats but some how they keep coming unbuttoned. Hopefully the losing streak ends soon.

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Thank You Sun

Had a couple great guys out yesterday on the James River.  Quay and John came down from Waynesboro to do a musky/smallmouth bass trip.  We had planned to just spend a hour or so on musky that morning then fish for smallmouth for the rest of the day.  Quay was using the fly rod for [...]

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Fall Trout

Had good trip out yesterday on the Special Reg. section of Buffalo Creek.  Water was low and clear even after some recent rain. Caught all rainbows in the 7 to 14 inch range, we did see 4 big fish one being a brown trout easily over 20 inches.  The big fish were very spooky with [...]

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2013 was a good one

Yesterday I fished with a good friend of mine on the James River.  We originally were going to fish for musky all day but I wanted to get in some smallmouth bass fishing before they headed down deep.  We started out the first hour of the trip fishing for the toothy guys and moved a [...]

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